West Coast Boogie all began with the birth of Vanessa. Born in 1994, Vanessa is a beautiful Toyota Hiace, 2.4lt LWB bakery van snatched up for a bargain! Jon’s dream of owning a disco van was becoming reality all of a sudden. For about a year, Jon slowly tinkered away, upholstering, wiring, painting and sweet sweet loving and in the end had a very unique but awesome disco van… Van-nessa!

I guess you could call this the prototype as the interior is definitely reminiscent of the Boogie Bus. In Vanessa, blue neon’s run the sides, chrome halogen spotlights laminate disco balls hanging from the furry roof and the sound system satisfies making the rear view mirror shake.

Why go in an ordinary bus when you can go with the Boogie Bus …… yeah baby!


The Boogie Bus used Vannessa as a prototype for its inspiration, then added to it again and again.

Think Xzibit and Pimp My Ride hits a Perth 22 coaster bus and you are getting a bit of an idea of what the Boogie Bus is all about. Our bus is unlike any other old girl on the Perth streets. It’s unique look and more importantly, the unbeatable experience make your journeys more than just A to B.

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Ok so by now you must be dying to know about some of the details… yes? Well here you go.. below.


Roof is covered with plush white fur giving you a lovely feeling of comfort

Red satin curtains

Custom red and black retro carpet design

Ultimate lighting

1000 Watts of Audio goodness



An exterior that gets you noticed

To find out more you really should give us a go. Phone or Email us for your Boogie Bus Experience.

Is your group too big to fit in the Boogie? Check out the Sky Lounge and prepare for a truly awesome experience. Just click HERE!
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Hens Nights & Hens Days

Inject fun into your day with the girls
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Get a whopping 20% discount when you book the bus during the week.

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